Gambling addiction treatment centers in maryland

Gambling addiction treatment centers in maryland treasure islasnd casino las vegas

That sets it apart from Delaware, Connecticut and many other casino states, even as experts believe that gambling addiction in Maryland is on the rise. The calls to the help line and the additions to the Voluntary Exclusion list represent just the tip of the addiction iceberg, experts say, and tens of thousands of Marylanders are in danger of becoming casualties.

Treating compulsive gambling

Treating compulsive gambling osheas casino las vegas

Based on a review of its international services, its Internet web site, and archival records Svendsen,Gamblers Anonymous has meetings in all 50 states, with the average number of meetings annually per state being 26 and the median 14, an increase of 36 percent from to see Appendix E. At this juncture, there appears to be no compelling evidence in the pathological gambling literature to reject the notion that some treatment is better than none.

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